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Fachgeschäft für hochwertige Fahrräder

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Folding Electric Moped
Electric Folding Scooter DI BLASI R70
Electric Folding Scooter
Automatically folding electric scooter DI BLASI R30
Folding Mopeds
Folding Moped DI BLASI R7
Folding Bicycles
Folding Tricycles
Folding Tricycle DI BLASI R32


Since 1974 we produce folding mopeds, folding tricycles, folding bicycles, to be used as auxiliary vehicles in conjunction with cars, boats, motorhomes, light aircraft, and in general for leisure activities.

Our mopeds are the ideal motor vehicles to bring in the car boot to be used as alternative means of transport to beat traffic jams; or on boat or on motorhome to increase mobility on holidays. They are indispensable to people who intend to carry out “Designated Drivers Services”.

Our tricycles have wider possibilities of use than normal tricycles because they can be carried on other vehicles and then used away from home. Therefore our folding tricycles increase mobility and autonomy of people that usually ride a tricycle.

Our bicycles, in spite of the large wheels, have very small dimensions when folded and light weight. Riding is comfortable; frame is stiff and sturdy. They are the ideal pedal vehicles to use in conjunction with train, car, etc

A feature common to all our vehicles is that they can be folded or unfolded in a very simple and fast way: not more than 4 seconds, without tools and nothing to screw or unscrew.

The technical solutions that we used in our vehicles have been always in the van and always in the aim to make quick and easy their folding and unfolding, to reduce as much as possible their dimensions when folded, to reduce their weight while maintaining strength and safety, to offer ride stability and comfort.

Here are some of our innovative solutions: frame shaped as an articulated quadrilateral, folding pedals, automatically folding handlebars, three-dimensional folding mechanism of the tricycle, use of a variety of materials to give to the frames the maximum rigidity with minimum weight, etc.

The whole production process of our vehicles, including the manufacturing of the frames, is made at our production facilities in Italy: this is a further guarantee of the quality control and of the availability of spare parts for long time.